Private Landlords – Gas Safety Services

If you own a property which you rent out you will know the importance of making sure that everything in the property is in good working order if you want your tenants to be comfortable and happy with the service that you provide.

Private Landlords – Prepare your Property for the Winter

Having adequate reliable heating is one of the key things that all tenants require, and many private landlords find that if they aren’t well prepared the winter months can be an expensive and busy time if their tenants heating systems fail when they need them most. It is important to make sure that you have the number of a company that provides reliable heating services.

Arktek Heating Services are able to provide a specialist service to private landlords to take care of all your heating needs no matter what happens. Not only will they be able to take care of any repairs at short notice, they can also offer a full heating care service so you can ensure that all of your properties are well looked after all year round. All you need to do is give them the details of the properties you own and they will take care of everything else for you.

As a private landlord you are required by law to carry out annual gas safety checks to ensure that all appliances are in good working order, at Arktek they will be able to carry out these essential tests for you and make sure all the paperwork is fully completed. They will also be able to carry out a full service on any boilers or heating systems so you can ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible, take note of any potential problems and arrange to have any issues repaired straight away.

With a wide range of heating services on offer to both residential customers and private landlords Arktek ensure that every customer gets the best possible service for great value. Whether you just want a general annual safety check or are looking at replacing your entire heating system they will complete the job to the highest possible standard every time, and give you any help or advice that you may require. With a twenty-four-hour emergency call out line you can be certain you can rely on Arktek to help you out when you need it most.

Arktek also offer excellent help and advice to help you make sure that your property is as energy efficient as possible, so if you are concerned about the impact your properties may be having on the environment, or are worried that your tenants are experiencing higher than average bills you may want to give them a call. They will be able to advise you of the most environmentally friendly new combi boilers on the market if you are thinking of upgrading or if you are happy with your existing system, they will be able to give you advice about changes you can make to ensure your property is more energy efficient.

So why not get in touch with Arktek to find out more about the excellent heating services packages they are able to offer private landlords? With competitive rates and a flexible and individualised service for each customer you can be certain that they will make sure you and your tenants are prepared for the winter this year.

For further information about the range of the landlord and heating services available from Arktek Heating Services, please call 0191 516 6911 or their heating & plumbing services website.

Your Options for the Perfect Aircon repair Service

Like all appliances, even air conditioners have an energy label that indicates their efficiency class. The best, and therefore the preferable, is the class A. If it is true that the products in class A are more efficient than the others, it is also true that within this class live devices with very distant performances: higher differences can be found at 50%. The advice is then to compare their EER and COP levels, that is their performance indexes in cooling and heating: the higher they are, the higher the yields and the lower the electrical absorption. The best in aircon repair singapore comes within budget now.

The Best Companies

Many companies in the sector are members of the Technical Data Certification Association. Opting for one of these companies protects the consumer in the choice of the product, because the data reported on the energy label or declared on the catalogs (performance and consumption), is periodically subjected to verification.

  • Another advice is to choose air conditioners that use Inverter technology, which adapts the operating power to the actual needs and reduces the on and off cycles. This system allows a longer life of the appliance and an energy saving of more than 30% compared to the devices that do not have it (on-off).
  • It is preferable, in a split only cooling, one heat pump. Spending little more, you buy an air conditioning system that can cool in summer and heat in the intermediate seasons, but also in winter.

To air condition multiple rooms, it is necessary to have an indoor unit in each room. Only in this way can each environment be managed independently. The choice, in this case, is whether to combine several indoor units with one external (multi-split systems) or to combine each internal with an external one (mono-split systems). The variables are many, even if the multi; often offer a lower initial cost, smaller dimensions and lower management and maintenance costs.

Make sure the appliance has adequate power for the real climate control needs of the room. A properly sized system avoids unnecessary energy waste. An oversized air conditioner costs and consumes more, is noisier and often has a larger outdoor unit. For this it is good to rely on an expert and qualified technician who, after viewing the room to be air-conditioned, recommend the most suitable machines. For the right and reliable aircon repair company in singapore this is important now.

Silence is a feature that should never be overlooked when choosing an air conditioner. It is useful to know that the noise level (“sound pressure”) of an air conditioner is calculated in decibels. To be clear: 20 decibels correspond to the rustling of leaves, 25 to the chirping of a bird, 40 to murmurs in a library and 50 to office work. Modern air conditioners, with a rated power up to 3.5 kW, maintain minimum noise levels between 19 and 26 decibels (practically imperceptible.).

Details You Need for the Perfect Home Cleaning


Keeping your home clean and tidy at all times can sometimes be complicated. There is always something out of place. In this article we explain how to always have a perfect home.Imagine going home after a hard day and finally finding a quiet, orderly and relaxing atmosphere. Read in this article how to keep the house clean and tidy and experience this pleasant feeling every day.

  • ·         Would you like to keep your home clean and tidy and find every time you enter that welcoming atmosphere that improves your day? We present you some suggestions so that your home is always a welcoming haven of rest.In small houses, this problem turns into a real dilemma. Finding the right place for every object in a small room can become a puzzle that sometimes seems to be without solution. If we add children and the little time available because of work, achieving this goal becomes practically impossible.

But don’t lose heart. In this article we explain some tricks you can use to keep your home clean and tidy without jumping through hoops. Follow our advice, and your home will breathe again. For the right Home Cleaning Services this is the best deals here.

Set a time for cleaning

If your daily pace is very urgent, we advise you to set a weekly schedule for cleaning the house. Between works, the gym, friends and all other commitments, in the end there is never time to devote to cleaning. With a set time you will know every day what to do so that the disorder does not take power over your home.

Decide, for each day, a specific job to do at home. It will be much easier and more practical to have everything under control. First, identify the free moments you have during the day and dedicate 10 minutes of this time to the housework you have set for that day. Finally, prepare a list of all the housework you will need to do during the week, such as making dust, cleaning the bathroom, making a dishwasher, hanging out the laundry … This way you can plan quickly and easily all week.

Sometimes, however, unforeseen events also remove the little time available. What to do in these cases? Simple, activate an alternative plan and don’t be too demanding with you. Try to be flexible. This will help you take action in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The importance of new habits

Below we present a list of new habits that you can easily introduce into your daily routine:

Make the bed before leaving home. The easiest thing is to postpone it for the return. But you already know that when you come back from work or from other activities outside the home you have no desire to make the bed, and at the same time you will be sorry to have left it undone all day. Therefore it is important to fix the bed before doing anything else. In addition to keeping the bedroom tidy, it will also gain the decor and decoration.

If you use something, put it back in its place. Often the newly used items are left untidy for the house. It happens above all with towels, cleaning products, medicine boxes, but also with other everyday objects. At the end of the day the house looks messy, even more so if you have children. We advise you to establish a new rule at home: “if you use something, put it back in its place”.

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