The top five celebrity homes with the best interiors

The rich and celebrities have beautiful homes that one can find it as an inspiration or idea for their houses. Their interiors are unique as it consists of beautifully designed ceilings, inventive landscape, accurately painted murals, and remarkable amenities. He celebrity choose famous architects and interior designers that work together to build up a house which is incredibly different from others in all possible way.

Let us have a quick look at which are the top five celebrity houses that are smartly designed and the most expensive ones:

  1. Jason Statham

Jason Statham has a Malibu beach house that has midcentury Danish furniture with some key architecture elements. This house as situated near a beach has a slanted roof so that the people inside are safe from the ruthless midday sun. And the interiors were also planned according to with brick fireplace to feel warm and cozy at the time of winters.

  • Kylie Jenner

She has a beautiful house completely decorated according to her needs and wishes. She has placed a comfy sofa that fits well with large cushions and gives her living room a rich and elegant look. She also has a patio and a swimming pool that makes her family and friend spend an enjoyable time at her place.

  • Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman has designed her house with his husband and tried to replicate her home just like an ancient family house. She has used lots of wooden surfaces, lights, and some cozy furniture for her bedrooms that makes her house a comfortable place to relax with her family.

  • Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler has a beautiful house just like her. She wished to use white color for the walls and wanted to have every minute detail for each place having elegant designs and structures in it. she has a living room with a piano, a nice romantic lamp in her bedroom, a huge walk-in closet on the top floor, a glamorous bathroom with different amenities and much more. Her house is a complete dream place where anyone would love to live.

  • Anne Hathaway

Have you seen a house in a fairy tale? If yes then the house of Anne Hathaway is just like that beautiful and graceful. She has given her house a vintage look with unique wooden materials. Her house has a patio with some distinct colors that are eye-catching and attractive. She has designed her house much creatively and has stylish amenities in it.

Celebrity homes are nice and you can also copy them in your houses by choosing the right interiors and live a life like a celebrity.