Your Options for the Perfect Aircon repair Service

Like all appliances, even air conditioners have an energy label that indicates their efficiency class. The best, and therefore the preferable, is the class A. If it is true that the products in class A are more efficient than the others, it is also true that within this class live devices with very distant performances: higher differences can be found at 50%. The advice is then to compare their EER and COP levels, that is their performance indexes in cooling and heating: the higher they are, the higher the yields and the lower the electrical absorption. The best in aircon repair singapore comes within budget now.

The Best Companies

Many companies in the sector are members of the Technical Data Certification Association. Opting for one of these companies protects the consumer in the choice of the product, because the data reported on the energy label or declared on the catalogs (performance and consumption), is periodically subjected to verification.

  • Another advice is to choose air conditioners that use Inverter technology, which adapts the operating power to the actual needs and reduces the on and off cycles. This system allows a longer life of the appliance and an energy saving of more than 30% compared to the devices that do not have it (on-off).
  • It is preferable, in a split only cooling, one heat pump. Spending little more, you buy an air conditioning system that can cool in summer and heat in the intermediate seasons, but also in winter.

To air condition multiple rooms, it is necessary to have an indoor unit in each room. Only in this way can each environment be managed independently. The choice, in this case, is whether to combine several indoor units with one external (multi-split systems) or to combine each internal with an external one (mono-split systems). The variables are many, even if the multi; often offer a lower initial cost, smaller dimensions and lower management and maintenance costs.

Make sure the appliance has adequate power for the real climate control needs of the room. A properly sized system avoids unnecessary energy waste. An oversized air conditioner costs and consumes more, is noisier and often has a larger outdoor unit. For this it is good to rely on an expert and qualified technician who, after viewing the room to be air-conditioned, recommend the most suitable machines. For the right and reliable aircon repair company in singapore this is important now.

Silence is a feature that should never be overlooked when choosing an air conditioner. It is useful to know that the noise level (“sound pressure”) of an air conditioner is calculated in decibels. To be clear: 20 decibels correspond to the rustling of leaves, 25 to the chirping of a bird, 40 to murmurs in a library and 50 to office work. Modern air conditioners, with a rated power up to 3.5 kW, maintain minimum noise levels between 19 and 26 decibels (practically imperceptible.).